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Chef Kris Pina grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, first learning to cook with his mother Linda. He then went on to work for several restaurants, & fine dining establishments to hone his culinary skills. Later on down the road, he met his wife Brenda In Denver, CO who had a strong passion for cooking as well. As they both got older, they understood the importance of eating organic & natural foods. Through extensive research they began to understand how eating right & avoiding foods with additives & preservatives can not only make you feel better but make you look better as well. In this day and age, most people dont have time to cook so they are forced to consume fast food & premade meals that wreak havok on the body. Our product is a small part of the solution , but a great alternative to the many so-called "healthy" snacks you'll find on your grocer's shelves. Only the finest organic herbs & spices are used. EZsalsa takes the guesswork out of a popular staple in American society & comes out perfect every time! So easy even a 4th grader can make it. Watch the you tube video below.
So Tell me are you EZ? A EZ salsa eater? ( what were you thinking?)